About us

The Performing Arts Lifestyle Institute is a privately run performing arts incubator in Pretoria, South Africa. Our aim is to prepare aspiring actors, directors, and writers for entering the South African film industry.All courses offered at PALI are practical and industry-driven. Examinations are adjudicated by professionals from the industry and are a good indication of our young artists' ability to enter the industry. PALI has an informal, yet professional culture based on passion, commitment & discipline.

Tradition of Dexterity

It is customary for PALI protégé's, to be multi-skillled and successful in more than one career or medium. That is why our PALI professionals play on both stage and film, as well as running a business or a production house.

Our Roots

PALI has always attracted young artists who are highly ambitious, and willing to learn from a totally new perspective, not conforming to the norm. The Performing Arts Lifestyle Institute (previously the Star Struck School of Acting) was founded in 2005 and after showing a positive growth, has today earned the respect of the industry and seen as one of the top performing arts incubators in Gauteng. Today we boast not only of a complement of professional actors, but also qualified artists in marketing and entrepreneurial skills required for become successful producers and directors.